Extraordinary maternity session Stockholm’s rooftops

Extraordinary maternity session Stockholm’s rooftops

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  1. Åh, vad fina ni är!

  2. Vackra vackra Anna ❤️❤️

  3. Now that is a first! Well done Therese! These photos show so much energy. Absolutely lovely!

  4. I love absolutely everything about this session. Your work is beautiful!

  5. Fantastiska bilder på er vackra ❤️

  6. What a cool idea – 4th one down is my favourite – I hope they print it out large!

  7. Men jösses vad fina bilder! Du är ju en megastar……..Ja Gurra också såklart…;);)

  8. These are fantastic. Love your style.

  9. I love this set so incredibly much! The wind, her beauty, the baby bump, their love! Gorgeous work.

  10. Whoa! Coolest maternity session ever! I love the rooftops and they both look so happy and stylish!

  11. Love the modern and urban vibe, great job as per usual.

  12. Stunning and so unique, LOVE these Therese

  13. This is killer, way to go! I love the blue tones and the black and whites. This is seriously gorgeous.

  14. Totally adore!!

  15. Such a lovely collection, the tones and feel are beautiful.

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