balloons & candy – stylist

balloons & candy – stylist

The secret behind a “Oh-my-effing-WOAAAAW-that’s-beautiful!”-set design

Now is the time, all you brides out there. And grooms. Now I’ll tell you a secret that all stylists out there knows. The difference that makes you draw your breath, makes the biggest smile ever and run around like those families in “Extreme Home Makeover” when they see their new living room for the first time and repeat “But how ..? but, but .. but how?”.

Q u a n t i t y, ladies and gentlemen. The answer is quantity. Put a glass vase on a table, it becomes .. fine. If you instead put more like 56 vases together, different but still a bit similar. Then it becomes magic. And if you add a great light to it (ie as in lighting), it will be a hell of magic.

When I did a wedding last year and we’d decided for a balloon theme, the family and friends asked me:

– So how many do we need to blow up then?

– A lot, I replied. Shit loads of them. So-so 800 pcs.

– 800 pcs?! You are crazy!

– Just wait and see, wait and see … I replied with a fake English accent and wrung my hands a little spooky. (With the same intonation as the a penguins in Madagascar I imagined)


800 balloons later.

– Okay, that was pretty Oh-my-effing-WOAAAAW-that’s-beautiful!

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