Category: Weddings

Weddings photography in Stockholm. Non traditions, modern, arty and creative wedding photography. Weddings that takes place on a field, a ceremony in a industrial venue, first look in the forrest, wedding dinner outside under the stars. The moments between during a wedding, the first dance. Natural quality, framing of subjects in shots. 

Depth of field in the images and the nature incorporated into the venues. 

It feels real, not cute and “tillrättalagd”

Relaxed and informal. We’re not big fans of overly posed or overly processed photography. We’re looking for someone who can capture the emotions of the day, and the smaller in between moments too.

// Otraditionell bröllopsfoto, modern, kreativ och spontant. Bohemiska bröllop, avslappnade vigslar, galna bröllopsfester och ögonblick emellan. Bröllopstårtor som inte är bröllopstårtor, temabröllop med moderna färger. Stora bröllop på Gotland, små bröllop i Hälsingland, bröllop på Österlen. 

Varma, härliga och genuina känslan och glädjen.