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engagement session lisa + viktor

Pre-shoot, engagement session or just e-session for short. This is something that’s included in all my wedding packages because I think it’s THAT important. When you book your wedding photographer it’s often the first time you hire a professional photographer- ”How shall we stand? What shall we DO? HELP, I’m really uncomfortable in front of a camera!” This is precisely why a test shoot before the big day is so excellent. We take everything one step at a time in a location where you are comfortable and that truly represents you as a couple. A picnic in the flower fields? With a huge bunch of balloons in a amusement park? Or horseback riding in the hills?

All photographers have a  different approach, I personally just put my couples in a good light in a cool environment and tell them to cuddle up and hug each other. And just hugging your beloved one for an hour or two is just delightful. Sometimes you will have to do more complicated stuff, like walk a little and kiss each other. Another advantage of a pre-shoot is the possibility to always shoot when the light is amazing, no matter what season. You know, the light that makes us photographers jump-up-and-down-of-delight-because-it’s-so-darn-good-light!

And afterwards when you see your pictures and how super-duber-amazing-and-happy-you-look-together, suddenly you feel more cool and comfortable with your upcoming wedding day. Because you know that you will look happy. And super-duper-amazing.

Lisa & Victor had their engagement session at the end of september at Långholmen with me. And this is how they described it:

When it was time for the shoot, it was an amazing day with gorgeous sunlight. Therese had chosen three different locations for us. In the beginning we were a bit stiff but after some silliniess and a lot of laughing it just happened by itself! Long moments me and my fiancé were just holding each other, capturing and embracing the moment then and there and just thought of our upcoming wedding day when we would ”do this for real”. Sometimes Therese cried out ”Lisa, a step to your left, PERFECT!”. She had the perfect light and a perfect picture! When we got the pictures it was beyond all expectations. It was so professional and had captured the exact feeling we actually felt during the shoot.

engagement session stockholm

engagement session stockholm

ps. And you can use your images for a lot of stuff! Your guest book for example. Or your wedding website. And of course as a new profile picture on Facebook.

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