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– Personal Project 2015 –

This Personal Project is not so much about me, as all the people who in some way have made an impact on who I am today.

It actually began last year when I wanted to print some pictures for our living room wall and I realized, I have all these beautiful pictures of my clients, but so few of my family and friends  (and don’t get me wrong, all my clients are freakin awesome, but my husband won’t let me have pictures of brides on our wall, regardless how great they are ). And I also wanted to give something back to all these amazing people in my life. To create and give them the same experience that I create for my clients.

I know photography. Photography is something I can give back.

– – – –

Ulla, 78, and Göran, 82. My grand parents, married since 54 years. This was one of my favorite session of all times. Thank you for conquering the forest and fields with me. Thank you for searching notoriously a day and a half for the perfect location. And for making a girl believe in love.

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17 thoughts on “– Personal Project 2015 –

  1. This is actually the most wonderful session I’ve ever seen. I had to scroll through it 3 times. This is something quite special – well done Therese!

  2. Jessica Schilling says:

    This is really amazing and so moving. I love the idea of having such beautiful images of my husband and I in 50 years!

  3. I love every single thing about this session. And your Grandmother is so strikingly beautiful…she holds herself with such grace. I’m so inspired by this post on many, many levels.

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